CMS & DAM to drive your content Marketing in 2017 as the Home of Brands

CMS & DAM to drive your content Marketing in 2017 as the Home of Brands

A digital asset management system is a centralized repository in which organizations can efficiently store, organize, manage, access, and distribute large numbers of digital assets such as images, graphics, layouts, PDF files, documents, web pages, video clips, social media posts, and audio files.

A robust DAM offers benefits that span the content life cycle – from creation to management to distribution to storage so it can help your organization master the challenges of modern content marketing.

During DRUPA 2016 DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH unveiled ES5, its most powerful digital asset management, collaboration and production platform.

Digital enterprises today need to be agile, adaptable, proactive and customer-centric for marketplace visibility and opportunities. They need to be able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and technology disruptors. Ideally, enterprises need to orchestrate all functions and applications, including multiple customer touchpoints, to deliver a quality digital experience to users on every level.

JAHIA is providing a platform that unifies content management, portal, digital marketing & commerce that matches enterprise needs.

Digital Experience is the core of your digital enterprise.

Manage your entire digital ecosystem to drive value through quality customer experiences with your brand. Your tailored User Experience Platform (UXP) is the ‘engine’ that helps you develop and deliver quality digital experiences for all users – your external customers and your internal colleagues.

Marketing gain insights for customer intelligence.

Have independence from IT in creating the marketing campaigns you need to connect with your customers. Deeply understand your customers based on their behavioral patterns, personal interests and preferred points of connection (devices). Fill your sales pipeline with quality leads cultivated through positive experiences and timely, personalized content.

From JAHIA you can use ES DAM as the reprositery of your assets thanks to a new connector :

  • Connect to an asset
  • Connect to a folder
  • Support any asset (picture, video)
  • Gallery templates samples for pictures (carrousel, slideshow, lightbox, flat…)
  • DIALOGUE Engine action
  • Metada information
  • Advanced search

DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH and JAHIA unveiled a connector to drive your assets from the DAM to the CMS and available on the JAHIA Store :

HTTP volume in JAHIA :

Browse your DAM from the CMS and provides stunning galleries and full responsive UI:

Business process from DAM to CMS built on the most reliable frameworks :

Here a video of the DEMO I did during the WWTM 2016 from DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH, with the help of Olivier Berckmans and Mate Ezgeta from JAHIA.



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