DAM NY 2017 – DAM Engines of Empathy

DAM NY 2017 – DAM Engines of Empathy

As David Lipsey was writing in the Daily DAM has reached the wisdom of age.

This year was the fifteenth annual Henry Stewart DAM NY conference on “The Art & Practice of Managing Digital Media – all from the user’s perspective”

It is true as usual DAM NY is the greatest even in the year, with a great organisation who ever you are Brand, Retailer, Agency, Publisher. This milestone is a single experience to combine the user experience of DAM Manager, Customers and Vendors.

DAM empowers the small and the large manufacturers, service providers, creative activities and public engagement. DAM is everywhere and it has never been so important to understand the DAM strategy by your organization to be successful.

During the last year we had some great webinars and posts about DAM. From the essentiel need to new omni channel engagement, the Machine Learning, the DAM Deployments On Premise, Cloud or Hybrid, Brand Management, a lot of subjects showing the positon of DAM as one of the main keystone from production to marketing automation.

This is a result of rich media content being stored in siloed business applications that serve merely as content repositories. Businesses need to create a clear DAM strategy and implement solutions to overcome the inefficiencies with both the creation and use of rich media content.

If you were not able to attend the DAM NY 2017, enjoy the great ambiance of the DAM NY 2017 :

For the second year the Bake Off was one the greatest time, the battle between vendors based on the DAM Foundation DAM core features, and I had the great honor this year to be the Winner 2017, Yes…for DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH.

Thanks to all of you for your feedback after the show, I appreciated and as you were asking me, the video of DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH Bake Off demonstrating ES5 – Enterprise Workflows Meets Enterprise DAM :

Also new exhibitors like Splashlight presenting their Enterprise Solution for Photo Studio and Retailers et how to sale the production.

Silicon Publishing was also there for the first time as the Leader in the Art of Indesign Technology thanks to their DAM connectors and Silicon Designer.

Take the time to read last Theresa post about Digital Asset and of course her great Handbook – The Real Story About DAM Technology and Practices.

See you now for the DAM EU in London 20 -21 June :


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