DAM EU 2017 – DAM Engines of Empathy – Video Report and Analysis

DAM EU 2017 – DAM Engines of Empathy – Video Report and Analysis

As David Lipsey was writing in the Daily, DAM has reached the wisdom of age. This year we had a very great DAM EU, more than 200 visitors, more vendors and so greta presentations from Nestle and Red Bull Media House. These 2 study cases are the clear representation of how DAM can leverage the business inside large organisations. It is not a “static” DAM and only the single source of truth; driven by workflows and contextual metadata the DAM integrated with adjacent platforms engage even more the user experience to improve the ROI.

It is true as usual DAM EU is the largest gathering of DAM professionals on the planet, with a great organisation who ever you are Brand, Retailer, Agency, Publisher. This milestone is a single experience to combine the user experience of DAM Manager, Customers and Vendors.

If you were not able to attend the DAM EU 2017, enjoy the great ambiance of the DAM EU 2017 with my video teaser, or with this 360 wide pano and just after you can find my Video analysis of the DAM EU or subscribe to my YouTube channel :

DAM empowers the small and the large manufacturers, service providers, creative activities and public engagement. DAM is everywhere and it has never been so important to understand the DAM strategy by your organization to be successful.

During the last year we had some great webinars and posts about DAM. From the essentiel need to new omni channel engagement, the Machine Learning, the DAM Deployments On Premise, Cloud or Hybrid, Brand Management, a lot of subjects showing the positon of DAM as one of the main keystone from production to marketing automation.

During DAM EU 2017 we had great experiences. The first day 2 great keynotes, one by Filippo Catalano from Nestlé about DAM and Personalization at Scale: A Marriage Made in Heaven – or Not? Here multi-channel/multi-device communication, planning, and execution requires near real-time adaptation and distribution of content, and its reuse, across channels. The other by Karoline Kastner from Red Bull Media house about Giving Wings to Content: Evolution of DAM – The Past Decade in Red Bull Media House. Karoline Kastner shared the story of how Red Bull Media House is addressing the fast-changing trends displayed by content producers and media partners and of course content consumers. Red Bull Media house built his own DAM during the last decade to fit their needs and feed all their multi channels.

During the Day 2 some vendors had the opportunity to explain what was the NEXT things for the DAM Market, what are the challenges for vendors ?. Most of them agreed to the fact that the most important are metadata, user experience and workflows in order to be successful with brands.

We also had some round tables to cover different subjects. One of them that I managed was to see how DAM can leverage the packaging industries and face new challenges. You can find most the content in our last webinar. Some other conferences explained how DAM Technology was connected to Adjacent Platforms. Indeed the DAM integration within your ERP, your PIM is one the top challenge of customers. One of the last question was about machine learning and see the value of auto indexation. I still do believe that it is interesting to get more information from illustration images but at the end of the day metadata is first a question of context using advanced taxonomy and facets.

The well know session “Stump the consultant” we had a great battle between Victor Lebon, Director of Marketing Technology, ICP – Theresa Regli, DAM Industry Analyst & Consultant, Chief Strategy Officer, KlarisIP and Romney Whitehead, Digital Content Specialist and DAM Consultant. Romney is the winner of DAM EU 2017 and again Happy Birthday 🙂

Take the time to read last Theresa post about Digital Asset and of course her great Handbook – The Real Story About DAM Technology and Practices.

Be in touch with our Omni Channel Handbook for US and Europe.

Consequently, smart marketers and technologists who understand the power of a centralized operational single source of visual records / digital assets, use their DAMs in a much-refreshed and strategic way.

Most of DAM Manager have to solve the issues of connecting silos within their organizations. Thanks to advanced workflows you can now connect internal production and DAM library for the end customers with a great user engagement even if most of the time the CMS is more and more the home of the brand. Because Mobile is at the heart of the widespread use of e-commerce it brings new challenges for DAM Managers within organizations. Some vendors are moving to Desktop Application which is not really the best user engament regarding the technology. The mean time I see a shift between “Marketing DAM” where it becomes a challenge to ingest large files and on Premise solution with a robust process and workflow engine that you can always move to private cloud.

Migration Plans 2016-2018, Enterprise Companies ©2016 Cloud Migration Survey

This is a result of rich media content being stored in siloed business applications that serve merely as content repositories. Businesses need to create a clear DAM strategy and implement solutions to overcome the inefficiencies with both the creation and use of rich media content.

Thanks to all for your visit and see you in Chicago for the DAMCHI, follow the updated information on the Henry Stewart website and of course I will be there again with DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH and also back again for the DAM Bake off :



Frédéric SANUY


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