Full Video Recap of LABEL EXPO 2017 – Packaging and Marketing Managed Together. Finally.

Full Video Recap of LABEL EXPO 2017 – Packaging and Marketing Managed Together. Finally.

LABEL EXPO EUROPE 2017 is over and we would like to thank all the people that visited our booth during these four exciting days. A lot of customer experience and engagement towards the management of the artwork life cycle.

It is always a challenge today to meet the people on a trade show when most of customers can get the information online through the different web channels. Nether the less DALIM SOFTWARE booth was crowded during these 4 days.

For the first time you could enjoyed about Live Broadcast Video to stay tuned live on our booth. If you missed the trade show ? Enjoy our video teaser and interviews of partners and consultants :

The challenge to those in the label production supply chain is to determine, in real time, how to produce more SKUs under a faster life cycle with all the regulatory compliance requirements and conventional and digital printing processes. DALIM SOFTWAREshowed how its solutions can easily empower label and packaging production—along with all marketing efforts. Within DALIM SOFTWARE technology, it is easy to manage packaging and marketing in one single HTML5 web and mobile platform and maximize ROI.

Packaging and promotional projects together 

A significant feature of DALIM ES 5.5 is its ability to easily manage both labels and packaging—as well as marketing promotion projects. “Based on our years of experience with thousands of workflows in production at a variety of businesses worldwide, DALIM SOFTWARE has reinvented the workflow management process,” adds Werlé. “While many marketing workflow solutions cost time, ES is able to easily streamline workflows to condense time-to-market. And, based on our thirty years of experience, DALIM SOFTWARE has built easy default workflows for those who prefer not to start with their own custom-built processes.”

We made a new White Paper – HOW BRANDS CAN CONTROL PACKAGING AND MARKETING TOGETHER (© Christian Blaise and Frédéric SANUY / DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH ) that you can find from our Website.

DALIM ES enables fast approval cycles, traceability (process stakeholders need to be accountable), and easy collaboration along with compliance to regulations (EU/FDA/21 CFR/INCO). With DALIM ES, users can manage their campaigns as a whole, creating packaging as one component of the entire marketing mix—for example, including cross-links between packaging and collateral materials.

DALIM SOFTWARE solutions have proven to be successful throughout the label and packaging supply chain, from the needs of brand owners to control the process; to designers who require assistance with the creation of packaging and an easy means to collaborate with the supply chain; and printers and converters, who need production workflow and project management tools,” explains Carol Werlé. “We look forward to showing the label community how DALIM SOFTWARE has made production much more efficient and cost-effective.

Last Sneak and peek :



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