DAM LA 2017, click and connect…The Age of the Customer

DAM LA 2017, click and connect…The Age of the Customer

DALIM SOFTWARE invites you to visit us when the DAM community meets at the 15th Henry Stewart DAM Los Angeles 2017 conference. It’s coming soon, next week on November 14 – 15. For the last DAM event of the year it is a unique environment to exchange knowledge, experiences and build long lasting professional networks.

Dan Lupers team is always doing a great job for the global organisation and just to give you an idea why you can’t miss the DAM LA just look at this short Video Teaser of the last DAM CHI and enjoy the ambiance :

DAM Los Angeles is one of the major digital media events in the world, bringing together DAM professionals representing brandsretailersagencies and publishersHenry Stewart Events are always well organized, offering helpful perspectives from experts and DAM Managers, alike. Take a look at the exceptional agenda designed to make the event a valuable professional experience.

DAM empowers the small and the large manufacturers, service providers, creative activities and public engagement. DAM is everywhere and it has never been so important to understand the DAM strategy by your organization to be successful.

During all the year we had some great webinars and posts about DAM starting with the Keynote of Theresa Regli DAM Engine of Empathy. From the essentiel need to new omni channel engagement, the Machine Learning, the DAM Deployments On Premise, Cloud or Hybrid, Brand Management, a lot of subjects showing the positon of DAM as one of the main keystone from production to marketing automation.

Take the time to read last Theresa post about Digital Asset and of course her great Handbook – The Real Story About DAM Technology and Practices.

Alongside this handbook we worked on a new White Paper DAM that you can download on the dedicated web site we did for the event : http://dam-event.dalim.com

You will find a lot of information and a selection of the best pictures of the year from New York, London and Chicago.


For the third time this year, at 3:00pm on November 14, DALIM SOFTWARE will participate in The Great DAM Bake Off, a forum to provide attendees with succinct, comparative presentations on the latest digital asset management solutions. Attendees help crown the “2017 Tastiest DAM” in a fast-paced, entertaining set of competitive demos. DAM vendors will present a series of short, focused demos (of the same features, so participants can compare apples-to-apples), showing how their systems address specific business use cases. Frédéric SanuyDALIM SOFTWARE Director of Marketing and Enterprise Solutions, will represent DALIM ES.

TECHLAB SESSION: Improving brand consistency with an enterprise DAM solution

Also on Tuesday, November 14, from 1:05-1:35pm, Sanuy will conduct a TechLab session about “How to Improve Brand Consistency with an Enterprise DAM Solution“. DAM solutions are at the heart of the digital strategy of brands to improve time to market and consistency.

During this session Frédéric SANUY will cover:

  • Increasing productivity through collaboration and workflows making a DAM the repository of truth for the entire organization
  • Protecting the content of the brand and unlocking digital assets with rights clearance
  • Providing a new user shopping experience to manage content across new digital formats, including 3Daugmented reality, and video 360
  • How to be at the heart of the customer journey and synchronize all the right content across media channels
  • How to integrate all the entire marketing technology ecosystem using connectors and API Key Performance Indicators

Feel free to contact us and of course to visit us next week for a great customer engagement within the DAM.

Frédéric SANUY


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