The purpose of the website is to give you and share the last trends in marketing automation but also to advise to make the right choice.

ES from DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH has today a wide range of capabilities to build a custom solution that will bring value to your brand.

Today most of BRANDS are building their web front on CMS, which just makes sense as CMS is so easy to setup and brings much more than just the design but also a lot connectors to easily aggregate all your content marketing in one place.

I will help you to figure out the solution within ES.



DALIM TWIST centralizes and automates the processing of documents, images, and other creative assets. By eliminating inefficient, error-prone manual workflows, TWIST enables you to process all of your files with extraordinary consistency, quality, and speed.


This digital soft-proofing system enables geographically dispersed team members and clients to review, annotate, and approve color-accurate documents from any web-enabled device. It also makes it easy to manage the marketing project workflow — transferring mission-critical information through departments — and enables users to monitor workflow details of projects from any location using any web browser.


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