Jahia DIGITAL Factory

Jahia’s Marketing Factory: From Personal Experience to Predictable Relationships:


Get all the digital you need to personalize and build relationships.

Using what you know about marketing and building relationships in a digital environment is now easier than ever with your tailored User Experience Platform (UXP), regardless of your technical abilities. Using intuitive graphical interfaces, you will have the data, content capability and campaign management tools easily accessible and understandable. Create new landing pages, promotions and real-time conversations with your customers anywhere in the world – from wherever you are in the world – with relevant content. Harness the power of being digital to transform your organization’s brand in your market.


This is the core of your digital enterprise.

Manage your entire digital ecosystem to drive value through quality customer experiences with your brand. Your tailored User Experience Platform (UXP) is the ‘engine’ that helps you develop and deliver quality digital experiences for all users – your external customers and your internal colleagues.


Gain insights for customer intelligence.

Have independence from IT in creating the marketing campaigns you need to connect with your customers. Deeply understand your customers based on their behavioral patterns, personal interests and preferred points of connection (devices). Fill your sales pipeline with quality leads cultivated through positive experiences and timely, personalized content.

Jahia has a connector with ES to synchronize the content from your DAM to your CMS. This is the most relevant way to organize your marketing content into your DAM and publish a selection, documents (images, video, docs) to your website.


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