Online Editing

CHILI publisher, is a breakthrough document editing solution that’s making digital publishing easier, more efficient and more intuitive for our clients around the world. It’s simple to set up, browser-based, and our customers can offer CHILI publisher as an easy-to-manage, scalable SaaS technology to their own clients.

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If you’re looking for an online document editing solution to grow your business and please your users, CHILI publisher might be the perfect fit. CHILI publisher has an enviable reputation for ease of implementation, quality results, and very fair licensing that delivers fast ROI and scales painlessly as your business grows.
With granular control right down to an interface level, customer experience is as simple
and engaging as you like.


But using CHILI is one the easiest solution today on the market, but you need a front end to publish your document. If of course you can use any integration with CMS like Magento, there is one smarter which is ES.

Since version 4, ES can edit any CHILI files and support this file into a custom approval cycle.


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